Zachary Haven Talks New Movie, “Father Figures”

We caught up with rising actor, Zachary Haven, to get the inside scoop on his new movie, Father Figures! The actor dished on his role, memorable set moments, and more! Read the exclusive interview below and be sure to watch Father Figures – in theaters now!

Let’s talk about Father Figures – what can you tell us about the film and your character, Ethan?
The film is about twin Brothers, Peter and Kyle, searching for their father, whom they thought was deceased their whole life. Ethan is the son of Peter, played by Ed Helms. He doesn’t have a very good connection with his father and he sees his step dad as his “Father Figure,” if you will.

Initially, what drew you to this role?
I read the script and thought it was hilarious. I could actually relate to the feeling of not having a father and wanting to know what having that bond would be.

Are there any memorable behind-the-scenes moments that you can share with us from set?
I have couple great memories from set. The first was when we were doing a scene and in between the takes, Ed would set off the car alarm. Nobody knew where the noise was coming from. Then there a memory from another scene that was probably the hardest time I have ever had to keep from laughing uncontrollably. There was a scene where Peter was talking to my character, Ethan, and he was improvising and asking me really funny questions and saying dad jokes and the whole time, I was supposed to be mad and ignoring him. That was tough and I broke out laughing immediately when they yelled cut. Another great memory from set was getting to play with Glenn Close’s dog, Pip.

The movie stars a lot of comedic A-listers, what was it like working so closely with them?
It was so great working with them! They were so funny and really down to earth. They made me feel like an equal.

What do you hope fans take away from this movie?
That the holiday season is all about family and you should never take family for granted.

When you’re not busy on a set, what are you usually up to?
I am a huge pc gamer. Anytime I’m not working on a script or school, you can find me online playing. I like to stream on Twitch and record videos for youtube.

Growing up, who were some of your favorite actors? Whose footsteps would you love to follow in?
I’m not sure if I had any favorite actors when I was younger. But now that I am really coming into my own, I do have some that I think are really amazing actors and would love to follow in their footsteps. I really like Eddie Redmayne. He can play so many different characters and you are always just drawn right into him. I also like Benedict Cumberbatch. He was really good in The Imitation Game.

What’s been the highlight of your year so far?
I would have to say the highlight of this year was definitely the premiere of Father Figures. It was great seeing everyone again and meeting the cast that I didn’t get to shoot with.

What are you hoping to cross off your bucket list in 2018?
I would really like to learn how to ice skate. I have tried a couple times and it seems like it would be fun, but I haven’t mastered the art of not falling.

What are some of your current obsessions? (ex: tv shows/books/etc)
I am obsessed with Overwatch and PUBG. Really any video

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