The Vamps’ James McVey Promotes Vegetarian Lifestyle

James McVey, the lead guitarist for The Vamps, has shown that he’s as compassionate as he is talented by starring in a new campaign for peta2, PETA’s youth division, to promote healthy and humane meat-free meals! In the ad, McVey proclaims that “Chicks Love a Vegetarian” and goes on to stress that choosing plant-based fare is an important and easy way to reduce animal suffering, saying, “There are tons of ways that we can all help animals, and I think number one should be keeping them off our plate.”

In an exclusive video interview with peta2, McVey points out that smart, sensitive chickens don’t belong in recipes any more than puppies do: “Chickens are intelligent animals, just like dogs and cats… They’re not animals that should be used for nuggets or drumsticks.” See what else he had to say:

Photo: Peta2


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