Terrence Wildë Dishes On What’s Next

We caught up with singer/songwriter Terrence Wildë to get the inside scoop on all he’s been up to! The artist dished on his latest release, what fans can expect from him next and more! Read the exclusive interview below:

Let’s talk about “Late Nights and Pheromones” – how did the song come about for you? What’s the story behind it?
It’s funny, I ended up coming a little late to the studio that afternoon. Not sure how much I can actually say, but the song was inspired by the night before. All I’ll say is that it was a spontaneous night with a pretty girl I’ll never forget.

What inspired the video concept?
Let me first of all say I have the best A&R team in the game, Mark Feist and Billy Clark have so much creative vision and experience, they are aways looking at the big picture, and constantly staying 10 steps ahead, they also never forget who I really am as an artist and finding the most clever way to find that balance of Truth, cool, commercial. With that said, For this video Mark and Billy wanted try and capture a snap shot of my personality., keeping it simple with focus on me connecting with my fans.

Musically, what’s next? What should fans be expecting from the rest of the year?
Definitely will be seeing new releases and videos. Think of every addition as a chapter into who Terrence Wildë is and what he’s trying to get across. Very exited to share it. Best place to keep up with the journey is my instagram: terrencewilde_, and Snapchat: terry13.

Growing up, which artists do you remember loving? Do they still influence your sound today?
Man.. Such a hard question. Music has always been my thing in some way or another. It was always my choice of activity. I’ve grown up listening to so many artists, but the main ones that’ve stuck out are probably Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Earth Wind & Fire, Daryll Hall & John Oats, and of course Michael Jackson. It’s so hard to isolate the “main” few, but they are definitely the main ones.

What’s the songwriting process usually like for you?
It’s differs, but the common ground between it all is that the intentions need to be in the right place. If you’re writing a song just to write a song then it’ll usually not end up coming out as authentic. There’s just so much music out today, so it’s even harder to get through. The first thing I ask when starting a new song is, “what am I trying to make my listeners feel.”

Is there a song that you absolutely love that you wish you wrote?
Wow.. Too many. There’s this one song that no matter what I never see to get tired of it. I suppose I’m a way its my go two when I’m just trying to feel good with a deep, apprehensive undertone. It’s “I’ll Be Around” by the Spinners.

When it comes to stage presence, which artists are you inspired by?
Bruno, Justin Timberlake, Michael, and Elvis would probably again, be the main ones. Although, the secret to it all is to not think of it all too much. Performing is just being a catalyst for a song. You’re there to get a song across.

What do you hope fans take away from you and your music?
An understanding that the road to happiness, fun, and fulfillment is through being spontaneous, silly, and maybe even uncomfortable in nature sense. I see so many people hold themselves back from the experiences that they want to have because of anxiety and insecurities. I say turn up some good music, let loose and let life happen to you rather than being over concerned with all the little details. Life’s a beautiful crazy mess. We’re meant to enjoy it. Dance, sing, be a fool. It’s all apart of it.

What’s the best way for fans to get your attention on social media?
Comment! I try my best to respond to every single fan.

How important is to you to use your platform for good?
Very. A select few have the power of influence and what we choose to feed The minds of people is paramount. The misuse of social media influence is a huge part of why so many people suffer from the wrong way of thinking of things.

What’s been the highlight of your year so far?
To be totally honest, there wasn’t one specific highlight it was more of a general thing. Im always saying, the last year has been worth 10 from the past. The highlight was all the things I’ve gotten to learn and grow from.

What’s something you’re still hoping to cross off your list this year?
I just want to keep growing. Keep working, so I can help others and use influence to get my message out world wide.

Which artist(s) have you had on repeat lately?
Funny enough, lately I’ve had Al Jarreau on non stop for the last week. For all you youngin’s who don’t know him, check him out. It’s some of the music out there.

Any special message for your fans?
There’s too many things I’d want to say here.. But the main thing I’d like to get across is don’t let fear keep you from being you and enjoying truly enjoying the time we have here. Love you all. Big things coming.

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