Taylor Grey Talks ‘Space Case’ EP + Songwriting

Our current obsession? Taylor Grey and her latest EP, Space Case. We caught up with the singer/songwriter to chat about the latest release, her musical influences, and so much! Read our exclusive Q&A below:

Let’s talk about Space Case! What’s the reaction been like from fans?
The reaction has been amazing, I still can’t believe that people actually listen to the music that I wrote on the floor of my dorm room. It’s incredible. People have received the music and messages really well and I can tell it has just brought my Space Cadets and I closer together.

Is there a track that has the most significance to you?
That’s a tricky one. The track that I think means the most lyrically is “Space Case”. There are songs I have like “Impossible” that will always emotionally bring me back to the time I wrote it – crying on the floor of a hotel bathroom. But there’s something about the empowering message of “Space Case” and how the protagonist is perhaps a projection of a part of me that is fearless that really speaks to me.

What’s the songwriting process usually like for you?
It depends! Sometimes I start out by myself with my guitar or piano and just start singing. Other times I’ll be in a room with my producer and start writing and creating a track. It’s a mood thing!

When it comes to stage presence, which artist(s) do you take inspiration from?
Doing a lot of shows with Jacob Whitesides, I really learned a lot from him and being true to yourself on stage.

Can fans expect any live performances anytime soon?
Yes! I just finished up some shows with O-Town and now I’m doing a lot of radio shows! I’m going all over the country so people should call in to their local stations to request Miami and I may be able to come visit!

What’s a song you absolutely love that you wish you wrote?
“Issues” by Julia Michaels! That song is so killer, it’s perfect and relatable and melodic.

Can fans expect any new music releases anytime soon?
Even though my album just dropped at the beginning of summer, I’m constantly writing. I have a lot of cool songs that I’m really excited to record and release. A lot of exciting stuff coming! I’m always wanting to release a new song everyday!

What’s been on your summer playlist lately?
A lot of Billie Eilish, Khalid, and The Night Game.

Being a college student, does it ever overwhelming trying to balance your career and education?
Absolutely! I think I would be doing something wrong if it wasn’t difficult! It’s all about making sacrifices to do what you love, but it’s more than worth it!

What’s the best way for fans to get your attention on social media?
I’m always on social media! Commenting on Instagram or mentioning me on twitter is almost a full proof way of getting my attention. I love interacting with fans and I do so every chance I get!

How important is to you to use your social platforms for good and to connect with your fans?
Very important! I like to think of myself as approachable, I just like being friends with people!

When you’re not busy with school or music, what are you usually up to?
You can always catch me at the gym, I love trying new restaurants and hanging out with my friends!

What are some of your current obsessions? (ex:books/movies/tv shows)
I’m obsessed with Stranger Things and anxiously awaiting season 2!

Any special message for your fans?
I love you guys! Thank you for everything, i wouldn’t be anywhere without you.

Stream ‘Space Case’ below:

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