Rowan Blanchard Reveals She Feels Insecure “EveryDay”

Always one to be vocal about her thoughts and feelings, Rowan Blanchard admitted to feeling insecure pretty much “every day.” When asked to give advise to other girls who feel society’s pressures, Rowan told Coveteur that she hasn’t figured it all out yet. “I mean, I feel that pressure to look a certain way [too], so I don’t feel totally exempt from this or like I have this figured out,” she said.

“But I think we feel that pressure to look a certain way because we were told we have to look a certain way, so it’s only natural that we feel like we have to. I grew up with a lot of magazines that were marketed towards teens that had headlines about how you can lose weight, or how you can look ‘fit,’ or how you can get a ‘bikini body,’” she added.

“Those types of headlines inherently breed that sort of self-loathing young women already have. Specific advice I give myself whenever I feel very insecure, or insecure about my body, or how I look in a dress—all of these things—I try to tell myself that a lot of it is in my head. This is a hard one, because I’m still a teenager who’s insecure every day,” Rowan concluded.

We love that Rowan is vocal about her insecurities; it lets us all know that we are not alone!

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