New Boy Band Alert! Meet ‘Why Don’t We’

Ready to meet the new boy band of your dreams? We’ve got you covered; Meet Why Don’t We. Their undeniably fun debut single, “Taking You,” is about to top your favorite playlists because it’s THAT good! The group, made up of Daniel Seavey (17), Zach Herron (15), Corbyn Besson (17), Jack Avery (17), and Jonah Marais (18), will harmonize their way into your hearts! Check out the single below and let us know your thoughts!

Follow the guys:

Daniel Seavey: @SeaveyDaniel Zach Herron: @imzachherron |  Corbyn Besson: @corbynbesson |

Jonah Marais: @jonahmarais | Jack Avery: @jackaverymusic 



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