Liam Carroll Dishes On New Season Of TBS’ “The Detour”

We caught up Liam Carroll, star of TBS’ “The Detour,” to chat all about season two! He dished on his favorite guest-stars, what he loves most about his character and SO much more! Check out our exclusive interview below and don’t forget to tune into NEW episodes every Tuesday at 10/9c.

Tell us about The Detour! For those who haven’t watched it, how would you explain it to them?
It’s not a show you want to watch on family night. Sure it’s about a family, but it’s not a ‘family show.’ It’s about parents who can’t seem to get anything right and kids who try to make sense of the mess they make.

What can fans be expecting from this new season?
There is lot more of the same edgy and raunchy comedy, but they are in NY now. The Parkers are learning about the different culture and offending all kinds of new people!

What do you love most about being able to play Jared on the show?
I like that no one takes his character too seriously. He never seems to know what’s going on but that works for him. Sometimes I can improvise with his lines and that makes it fun.

The new season features a bunch of amazing guests; did you have a favorite?
I enjoyed meeting Erik King, he plays Harris, our neighbor and my love interest’s Dad. He was so nice and really helped me learn a lot. Jeffrey Vincent Parise plays Carlos, he was such a fun guy! Also, James Cromwell who plays JR, my Dad’s boss – He is amazing!

If you could have anyone guest-star on the show, who would it be and what kind of role would they have?
I would like to have Melissa McCarthy in an episode. Any role would be great because I think she is so funny and perfect for this type of comedy.

What are some of your current obsessions right now?
I love to do Trampoline tricks, slack lining, skateboarding, hockey and making YouTube videos.

When you’re not busy acting, what are you usually up to?
Hang out with my friends watching movies and spending time on the trampoline.

Do you have any special message to your fans/viewers?
Thanks for watching The Detour! Stay tuned because there is a lot more cool stuff to come. Keeping my fingers crossed for season 3 and follow me on Instagram – @liamcarroll!

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