Katie Costello Releases New Album ‘Twice the Love’ – Stream Here!

Our latest obsession? Katie’s Costello’s new album, Twice The Love! The singer celebrated her recent album released with a packed gig at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles! Of the album, Katie revealed that it’s unlike anything she’s made before. “Each song was written and recorded in a different city with a different creative collaborator,” she says. “I learned to let go making this album and my wish is that those who listen to it will feel open-hearted, alive, and free spirited in their journey to follow their dreams.”

Katie also released the music video to her song, “New York Graffiti”! Meant to capture a day in the life an an artist living out their dream in the city, the visuals will have you hitting the repeat button over and over again! “You can say it’s somewhat auto-biographical,” she added.

Watch the “New York Graffiti” video below:

You can also stream Katie’s “Twice The Love” album below! Be sure to comment and let us know your favorite tracks!

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