Isabella Gomez Talks Season 2 Of “One Day At A Time”

We caught up with One Day At A Time star, Isabella Gomez, to get the inside scoop on the series, what she’s hoping to accomplish as an actress & so much more! Read the exclusive interview below and get to know your new fave!

Let’s talk One Day At A Time! What can fans expect from season 2?
Season 2 picks up a few months after the season one finale, so fans should expect to see the Alvarez family continuing to grow as individuals. They’re all figuring out who they are and what role they have in the family and in the world so they find themselves discussing topics such a love, rejection, anxiety & depression, gun control, citizenship, racism, politics and so much more.

Initially, what drew you to the show/role?
What initially drew me to the show was the phenomenal script, especially how Elena was written. She had so much substance and was far more interesting and layered than most roles that I go out for so I was very excited to even get to audition for her. I’ve always wanted to portray empowered, badass women on screen, so this was a perfect opportunity.

What’s your favorite part about playing Elena?
My favorite part about playing Elena is having the chance to bring positive and much needed representation to TV. Elena is Latinx, LGBTQ, and a young woman. There aren’t many characters like her on TV, so for many people Elena is the first time they’ve ever seen a character that they identify with. As an actress you really just want to work, but to be able to work on a character that’s making a change in people’s lifes is priceless.

If you could write your own storyline for Elena, what would you want to see happen?
If I could write my own storyline for Elena I would love to see more of her school life, specifically her in the debate team. I actually always wanted to join a debate team, so I was very interested to see what those scenes would look like when we mentioned it in the pilot. We haven’t had time to explore that, but Elena would crush as captain of the debate team and I think filming those scenes would be so fun.

Are there any memorable moments from set that you can share with us?
Every moment on that set is truly so memorable, so it’s hard to pick just one to share. This season Todd Grinnell was shadowing some of our directors and he actually got to direct the scene where Elena and Syd are talking to Alex about his secret girlfriend. It was such a cool experience to watch his wheels turning as he transitioned from actor to director and to watch what hopefully was the beginning of his directing career.

How would you describe the vibe on set? How does the cast like to bond off set?
The vibe on set is the same as when you get to hang out with your favorite cousins from out of town whom you like to put on talent shows with. We all adore each other and are constantly telling stories, joking around, eating way too much (okay that might be just me) and helping each other make content that we’re really proud of.

We’re Latinos so when we hang out off-camera we are often gathered around food! We love going to dinners together, but we also do the occasional bowling night or get together at someone’s house.

If you could have anyone guest-star on the show, who would it be and what kind of role would they have?
I would kill to have Lin-Manuel Miranda play Elena’s history teacher or maybe an uncle! Any character that would allow him to come back throughout the seasons.

When you’re not busy on set, what are you usually up to?
If I’m not busy on set you can usually find me walking around talking people’s ears off or watching the other actors work. I don’t particularly love staying in my dressing room so I go and talk to the crew or to whichever actors are not working OR I will sit and watch the scenes that are being worked on. I love learning from the other actors, but I also really enjoy watching the process the writers, directors and producers go through.

Career wise, what are some goals you’re hoping to accomplish?
I would really, really love to film a movie this year. I haven’t done that yet, so I think it’ll be a very fun challenge.

What are some of your favorite TV shows right now? What would you like to see MORE of on TV?
My current favorite TV shows/movies: Grey’s Anatomy, Jane the Virgin, End of the F***ing World, Coco, Get Out and of course One Day at a Time.

I would love to see more diversity. More female leads. More layered characters. More stories of equality and love and acceptance. More “taboo” discussions. More representation. More points of view.

What’s the best way for fans to get your attention on social media?
I kind of have my phone glued to my hand, so I’m pretty good about checking all my social media and reading all the comments/messages. However, I would say I interact with fans the most on twitter, so tweet me! @chavelua

How important is it to you to use your platform for good?
Using my platform for good is a priority to me. I’m aware that having a following means that people are watching and being affected by my actions and comments, wether I like it or not. I’m going to make mistakes, thats a given, but I try my very best to be as informed, useful and positive on my platforms as I can be.

What’s on your bucket list for 2018?
Aside from filming a movie, I’d also love to travel to Australia or Greece and I’d like to learn to play the guitar.

Any special message to your fans?
To my fans: calling you fans feels weird because you are all like my family. I can not thank you enough for trusting me with Elena and supporting me in everything I do. I love you all more than you can imagine. Every single message I get from you guys makes my day a little brighter and I can only hope that I can be the same source of happiness and support for you guys.

1. My @ name, @chavelua, is actually what my grandpa used to call me.
2. Although I had always planned to major in Law and minor in Psychology, I’ve never seen myself being anything other than an actress.
3. Reality TV is my guilty pleasure.
4. I have never been a morning person.
5. When I was younger I thought I would never do any type of comedic acting.

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