Eris Baker Talks All Things “This Is Us”

If This Is Us isn’t your favorite show on television right now, you’re doing it wrong. We caught up with Eris Baker, aka Tess Pearson, to get the inside scoop on the NBC series and all the hilarious moments that happen behind the scenes! The rising actress dished on her ultimate dream guest-star, what she hopes to see happen with Tess in future episodes & so much more! Read the exclusive interview below:

Let’s talk season 2 of This Is Us! For those who might’ve missed the final few episodes, what should they be expecting?
Well!! I’m sure you’ve heard about or seen the details around Jack’s death. You can expect to take that emotional journey with us. You can also expect to learn more about Tess. The superbowl episode flashes forward to adult Tess- so certainly expect to bridge the gap there and learn more about Tess’s appreciation for fostering.

Are there any memorable behind-the-scenes moments you can share with us?
That’s a great question! The cast is just incredible on and off camera- every last one of them. A good memory I share that I will always keep is the first time I met my little sister on the show- Faithe Herman. We clicked Day 1 and she is honestly another sister to me. Another funny memory is at the very beginning of season 2. I randomly said “Ayooooooo” on camera! And it stuck and they kept it in the scene. From there we had soooo many people saying Ayoooooo!!! If you pay attention… you’ll also witness Randall say it once or twice in an episode. So funny
how things happen… and stick!

If you could write your own storyline, what would you want to see happen with Tess?
Wow!! That’s an awesome question. Well This Is Us has some absolutely INCREDIBLE writers. I mean the journey these people take the viewers on is so amazing. I’m not sure if I can top them!! I would love to be able to see the passion for fostering develop with Tess over time. I would also love to see Tess manage/handle/deal with the struggles of transitioning into a teenager. I’m soon to be a teenager in a few months and this transition is certainly dynamic!

If you could choose anyone to guest-star on the show, who would it be and what kind of role would they have?
It would be absolutely incredible if Oprah would guest star! She could be one of my middle school counselors that help me stay on the right track… maybe I open up to her after making a few “not so good” decisions and she has some wise things to say to me and somehow her support helps me to ignite my love for fostering. Hahahahah just a thought!!

How would you describe the vibe on set?
MAGICAL. Its always magical for me. I’m still so humbled and grateful to be on a show this incredible so every moment I’m there, it still feels like a dream. There’s just great chemistry with EVERYONE on and off set. Couldn’t work with a better group of people.

With so many amazing actors on set, is there someone you consider a mentor? What’s the best advice you’ve gotten on set?
I work with some pretty incredible people. I learn something from all of them every time I work with them. They always encourage me to follow my dreams and to never give up!

When you’re not busy filming, what are you usually up to?
Im usually at school- I still attend a traditional public school for now. I’m also very much a big sister so I love supporting my sisters and showing up to their gymnastics and tennis practices. I also recently started learning the game of tennis!! I am working with my coach regularly so I can build skill.

What are some of your favorite TV shows at the moment? What show would you love to guest-star on?
Stranger Things! I love that show!

– I am a vegetarian
– I love fashion
– I’m the oldest of 4 daughters
– I have a 7 month old French Bull Dog named Lucci (pronounced Loo-chee)

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