Camila Cabello Talks Songwriting, Album Process, & More!

If Camila’s recent releases are any indication of how great her debut album will be, WE. CAN’T. WAIT. If there’s one thing the 20-year-old singer has promised to deliver in her songs, it’s honesty. The former 5H member has been dabbling in songwriting for years and now she’s ready to start sharing them with her fans.

“I can’t write about anything that I don’t feel,” Camila told Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. “I’ve always been just writing feelings or thoughts or emotions in my notes in my phone. So, basically I had all of this stuff accumulated from three years of just writing while I was on tour with the group, and when I went into the studio I just looked though all of my notes was just like, wow, it just took me on the journey of how I was feeling with everything, everything that caused me any sort of emotion.”

“Whether it was anger, hurt, love, anything,” she added. “I felt like I drew from all of those things and that’s what I wrote about. That’s where ‘I Have Questions’ came from, that’s where a lot of the other songs are going to come from, just from the notes in my phone that came from what I was feeling. You’re going to hear all of that in the album and in all of my music, it’s always going to reflect what I’ve been through.”

“It’s hard for me to walk away from the album, to be able to be like okay, the process is done is really hard for me,” Camila said. “There literally people around me that have to be like put the pen down. So, I’m just asking for one more month of writing and then I have to turn it in.”

Watch the full interview below:

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