Camila Cabello On Recording Solo Music: “It’s Totally Different”

By now, it’s safe to say that Camila Cabello is SLAYING her solo career. The 20-year-old singer released two new songs this month, landed a campaign with Skechers, and is performing ridiculously well on the charts. However, she’s admitting that leaving Fifth Harmony has made the recording process a lot more difficult.

“It’s totally different,” Camila told Wonderland Magazine. “In the group we would record songs for two weeks, it was a really fast process, like sometimes we’d do five songs in a day.”

“It would just be like ‘alright you sing the verse, you sing that’, and then you just record it and that’s it,” she continued, “But this has been… Probably because I’ve had a chance to really like, write and make the songs, and be involved in every aspect of it from the production to the mixing. Definitely a lot more challenging but more fun, for sure.”

Camila also opened up about working with Charli XCX: “She’s always been so nice to me,” she says. “Before I met her I think she tweeted about my song “Bad Things” and then she expressed that she really wanted to write with me. Obviously I’m such a huge fan of her, she’s an amazing writer.”

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