Camila Cabello On Finding Her Voice & Songwriting

It’s safe to say that Camila Cabello’s songwriting ability is something that can’t be denied. Having been praised by a lot of her recent collaborators, the “Havana” singer recently opened up to Newsweek about how she honed in on her songwriting skills.

“I started songwriting when I was 15,” she reveals. “Everything stems from the songs and what you want to say. What you want to say changes with age. I could have never written the songs I’m doing now when I was 15.”

She adds, “I’ve always known who I am as an artist. It was just about finding the confidence to say: This is me,” she says. “The trouble is when people are like, ‘This is you, but you should be more like this, because that’s going to work more.’ It’s about having the confidence to be in control of what I say and say, ‘I have an idea for a song today.’”

The artist also revealed that she’d often surprise those in the studio room by being assertive. “I think that [confidence in songwriting] developed more and more as I went into the studio. Every time I would go into a session, I don’t think anybody expected me to be able to write, and they’d be like, ‘I was thinking we could do something like this,’ and I’d be like, ‘Yeah, that’s cool, but I really want to write something…I have this idea and this title.’”

When people believed in her and her vision, that’s when Camila’s lyrics and songs became stronger. “It made me believe that, oh, my ideas were good,” she says. “That’s happened more and more this year. I’m confident in my ideas and as an artist. Nobody can really be me for me.”

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