Bryce Lorenzo Talks New Show, “Happy”

We talked to Happy star, Bryce Lorenzo, to chat about the show, what’s on her bucket list and more! Read the exclusive interview below and get to know the rising star!

Let’s talk about your new show, “Happy!” – what can you tell us about your character, Hayley?
Hailey is a brave girl who gets abducted by a Very Bad Santa. She has an imaginary friend named Happy (Patton Oswalt), that she sends to get help. He finds a drunken ex-cop named Nick Sax, played by Christopher Meloni, who Happy tries to convince to help rescue her from the bad guy.

What made you want to be a part of this show/role?
After reading the script I really liked my character and the theme of the show. It was crazy and unique in its own way! I knew right then I wanted to be a part of something which has never been done before like this project!

What’s the reaction been like from viewers since the show’s premiere?
I haven’t encountered anyone on the street “yet”! Although, I have read reviews and so far they have been very positive. We even scored a fresh from rotten tomatoes.

Are there any memorable behind-the- scenes moments that you can share with us from filming?
When waiting around between takes, Very Bad Santa (Joe Reitman) and I would break dance and take funny face selfies. I found myself dancing a lot with some of the crew to the Cha Cha slide and the Cupid shuffle.

What’s it like working so closely with Christopher Meloni?
It was awesome! Working with such an amazing and talented actor like Chris was an incredible experience. He was super cool and funny! One of the things I learned from him is that he really likes to improv. There was a scene where I thought he forgot his line and then I realized he was improvising, which allowed me to improv back. It was so cool, being in that moment and it still feeling so real!

When you’re not busy on a set, what are you usually up to?
You can usually catch me at the skatepark! I’m a vert/transition skater. I’ve been skating hard and progressing pretty quickly, so I’m really excited about that! I’ve also started dancing and cheerleading. Oh yeah, I absolutely LOVE to shop too!

What’s been the highlight of your year?
The highlight of my year was finally dropping in on the 9ft ramp at the skatepark. I was pretty scared at first, but I kept pushing myself to drop in on other ramps until I felt confident enough to try it. I’m also excited to announce that you will catch me in an episode of Orange is the New Black’s next season!

What’s on your bucket list for 2018?
My bucket list for 2018 is to be the lead in a blockbuster film. Having my own show on a major network. Working with amazing actors like Meryl Streep, Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Ben Stiller and Viola Davis (again), to name a few. Learning new skate tricks like frontside and backside airs, and taking a family trip to Europe.

Fun facts:
1. I was a level 8 competitive gymnast.
2. I have older twin sisters.
3. From what has been written, I share the same birthday as William Shakespeare.
4. I have a super cute Aussie toy puppy named Brady Monroe.
5. My favorite clothing brand is Scotch and Soda.


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