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We caught up with Brooke Lewis to get the inside scoop on all she’s been up to and boy is it a lot! The entertainer dished on her latest movie projects, her mission to empower girls to be courageous and more! Check out the exclusive interview below:

Let’s talk about what you’ve been up to! What projects have you been working on?
TDS, I do not even know where to begin! I am blessed to be here with you, doing this awesome interview on my first day off, since July! Seriously! It has truly been an incredible 2017! The day before Thanksgiving, I wrapped a very special indie film “1/2 New Year”. This is a dramedy with a lot of heart! I play Pam DeLuca, an Italian chick from Philly with big hair and a big mouth, who is the older sister to Reed DeLuca, played by writer and star, Drew McAnany. This role was written for me a few years ago and I am so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to act in it, with writer/producer Georgia Menides and director Tom Morash. I am also working on post-production for a lovely horror romcom short film that I produced and starred in, opposite Courtney Gains, and written and directed by Markus Redmond, titled “Allen + Millie: A Short Romance”. I have also been on a whirlwind film festival run with another cherished thriller short film “Psycho Therapy” that was written and directed by Staci Layne Wilson, produced by Bryce Campbell and I, and I was fortunate to star in, opposite Ricky Dean Logan. We have been traveling and winning awards throughout this year and I have been honored with several Best Actress Awards…I truly am one blessed actress! Last, but not least, I have also been on book festivals and awards tours all year, and just won the Halloween Book Festival 2017 Top Honors for Young Adult books for my teen girl power bookMs. Vampy’s Teen Tawk: There’s A Lotta Power In Ya Choices. I can only hope 2018 is half as magical!

Tell us about your book, “Coaching From A Professed Hot Mess” – what was the writing process like for you with that?
Honestly, I had been facing challenges and hitting walls in my “acting support” career as a Life and Dating Coach. I was paying my dues again and feeling overworked and underpaid, shelling out fabulous advice for various publications and morning shows and several people had suggested that I should write a book for myself and my coaching business, instead, and my “blessed lil bedside table book” was born! Now, I am going to cheat a bit here, as I pull an excerpt I love right from my pages: “Life can be crazy! So, in 2016, I chose to embrace my “crazy” and use my blessed and beautiful bedside table book to profess…”I am a HOT MESS!” Yup…I said it, rock it and OWN IT! Now, being an Actress, Life Coach and Dating Expert in the public eye, some may think I am really “crazy” sharing this with the world! I know some of you are thinking (and judging) that a Board Certified Life and Dating Coach, professional and working actress should not “air her dirty laundry.” Well, I cannot tell you how good it feels to be self-aware enough to admit and embrace my “flaws.” Along with my strengths, my “flaws” and weaknesses make me vulnerable, special and unique. I also believe that by sharing my HOT MESS quirks with you, it will support you in embracing your HOT MESS quirks, too! Let’s break the ‘rules’ and stop chasing “perfection.” It gets tiring trying to be “perfect” all the time, doesn’t it?”

What has the reaction been like for you?
The reaction has been incredible! I am very open, so I will share with you and your awesome readers that, no matter how many years I work in the public eye, I still question myself and my expertise and talents every day! I had no idea how people would receive this little book that came from my heart and experience, but I chose to put myself out there and I have received so many emails and comments from people thanking me for owning my HOT MESS and sharing it with the world, and reminding people that we are all “perfectly imperfect.” Of course, we will always find “naysayers” when we share anything publicly, but I have learned after years of acting, it simply comes with the territory, especially on the internet. I share this to inspire your readers to embrace their imperfections and share your truth, no matter what others say! Be You…And, Be Fearless!

Can fans expect any new book releases from you?
Funny and horrific you should ask!!! (wink) I followed Coaching From A Professed Hot Mess with a book I had written two years prior Ms. Vampy’s Teen Tawk: There’s A Lotta Power In Ya Choices. This young adult, girl power book released beginning of 2017 and has gone on to win six book awards. I am just so proud of this one, as one of my missions in life and career is to help teens. Again, I am cheating and pulling straight from my pages: “Ms. Vampy’s Tween Tawk, Teen Tawk & In Between Tawk series and the book are designed to inspire tween and teen girls, and address issues that girls face today, including body image, inner beauty, self-esteem, making powerful choices, dating and relationships, bullying, facing fears, following their dreams, and, most importantly, being themselves! The protagonist of the series, Ms. Vampy, is a lovable Vampiress from Brooklyn, with a personality as big as her hair. She wears pleather and fur and wouldn’t be caught dead (so to speak) without high heels! But there’s much more to this sassy, straight-“tawking” character than meets the eye…This is a 100-year-old Vampiress with an attitude, an accent – and a mission. “Do you know how many teen girls struggle with the courage to make the right choices and find their own voice? My mission is to empower girls to be courageous, so they can make the right choices and find their own voice,”Ms. Vampy explains to her teen audience. “At any time, you have the power to start over and feel differently, think differently, dress differently and be different. This book and I are here to support you, guide you and honor you in areas where you are feeling stuck, confused, fearful, insecure or simply needing help. I may have only tawked to them a few times, but I know your role models like Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift would also tell you to Be You, Be Fearless and don’t forget to Vamp It Out!”

What’s the best way for fans to get your attention on social media?
I cannot express how grateful I am to have the fans I have! My fans have been so loyal to be for many years. I LOVE when they say hello and comment on all my social media. I am definitely most active on Twitter! It is my favorite of all social. I have a Facebook fan page, which I do check every day and I am pretty active on Instagram these days. Please follow me @BrookeLewisLA @brookelewisla.

How important is to you to use your platform for good?
After working in the entertainment business for 20 years, I have learned a lot and been through all the ebbs and flows! I have learned that fame and money come and go, but family, friendship, love, loyalty, and integrity are the keys to sustaining and sanity! I have been blessed with what I have and I choose to “give back” as much as I can, and in many ways. I have worked with and supported many breast cancer charities over the years, volunteered for the Los Angeles Mission to feed the homeless on Skid Row and am honored to be a Celebrity Ambassador for Breaking The Chains Foundation, supporting eating disorders and body image through the arts.

What’s been the highlight of your year so far?
Well, since you were so gracious to cover and share with your readers, I have to say my greatest highlight was “MY PERFECT “OLD HOLLYWOOD MOVIE PROPOSAL.” My engagement will remain in my heart forever! Shall we share the incredible details with everyone again?

Brooke Lewis Shares Engagement Story & Photos

What’s something you’re still hoping to cross off your bucket list?
I am dying to visit Italy and Greece! I always said that when I booked my next TV series and big payday, I would rent a Villa in Italy for the summer and invite all my friends to come hang out and drink wine and eat pizza!

Career-wise, what’s next for you?
Other than pitching my Vamp It Out TV series that is in development, and designing and producing a “bachelorette and bridal” line with my ‘Rock Your Hot Mess’ clothing brand at Metal Babe Mayhem (yes, in honor of my engagement!), I have made a commitment to completely focus on my acting career for the next year. I want to stay true to my heart and, other than my fiancé, family, and friends, it is the thing I love most! I feel like the past few years have very much been about my expert work, books, film producing, branding clothing with Metal Babe Mayhem, branding make up and skincare with TASH Cosmetics and, although my experiences have been incredible and full of blessings, my creative soul is needing to focus solely on ACTING again!

When you’re not busy on a set, what are you usually up to?
“Not busy?” Um…I don’t understand what you mean? LOL! You know, it feels like I have such little down time these days. Sometimes, I spend a few hours in the morning on social media, catching up with fans and posting photos from set or a red-carpet event. I work hard to carve out time to see friends one-on-one for a bite to catch up on life and stay connected in a real way. My fiancé and I make sure we get at least one night together to go on a date, hit a fab new foodie restaurant and see a Broadway show or live music, and we make sure we take another night to snuggle up on the couch and watch Netflix and The Voice…and, these chill nights are my favorite!

Any special message for your fans?
Just THANK YOU! Thank you for years of support and loyalty! Thank you for watching my great films and, also, watching my not-so-great films LOL! Thank you for donating to the charities I feel passionate about. Thank you for your compliments and comments on social media, as well as sharing your fears and concerns. Thank you for making me smile on Twitter on days when I am feeling down! And, most importantly, THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS BELIEVING IN ME!!!

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PHOTO: Birdie Thompson, @birds_eye_photo.

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